An interim Board of the Housing Supply Association (HSA Board) has been formed from industry representatives whose signatures appear on the Constitution document and on the submission for registration of the Association with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

The HSA Board (*Interim):

Ghassy Bayni

Position: Chair.
Company: More Human

Joseph Chiha

Position: Vice Chair - Membership.
Company: Showground Corporation

Riad Tayeh

Position: Treasurer
Company: dVT Group

Paul Jayne

Position: Secretary
Company: Madison Marcus

Corey Cooney

Position: Board Member
Company: Boston Leisure and Tourism

Bechara Shamieh

Position: Board Member
Company: Madison Marcus

The Interim HSA Board will operate until a general election of office bearers is conducted among the Membership of the HSA. Under NSW Department of Fair Trading guidelines, this election must be held within 18 months of the establishment of the Association.

Hugo Halliday PR & Marketing Pty Ltd has been tasked with the establishment and management of the Housing Supply Association on behalf of the interim board. Managing Director Bill Pickering will act in the capacity of interim CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed.