The objectives of HSA are:

  1. To provide a link between governments at all levels and the development industry with a view to creating a sufficient flexibility system that supports a good supply of housing, liveable neighbourhoods and high-quality developments.

  2. To be involved and make submissions to all levels of government on the practicality and financially viability of Local Environment Plans and Development Control Plans.

  3. To advocate for the industry as a whole and to see that standards and concessions that are made to select projects form a benchmark for the entire industry.

  4. To ensure fair treatment across the industry, with consideration given to industry organisations of all sizes, rather than a select few.

  5. To provide a forum for the industry and engage with key stakeholders to clarify issues represent concerns to government.

  6. To resist all extra charges and burdens imposed on the industry. These can only result in increased costs affecting both viability and the affordability of building projects.

  7. To lobby for increased infrastructure spending in order to support the creation of new neighbourhoods.

  8. To promote the development industry in a positive way to the media and the public as part of the ‘solution’ to the housing crisis.