HSA’s history is based on the coming-together of housing suppliers and policy-makers to address housing affordability and supply issues across Australia, but particularly in NSW.

The Association was conceptualised following public comments at the time from newly elected Premier Gladys Berejiklian, that the lack of housing in metropolitan NSW and larger regional centres presented a major concern for the Government.

The Premier said her Government’s key priority was the address the housing affordability and supply crisis, boost the number of dwellings available to house NSW residents and to look at methods to assist first home buyers.

The NSW Government had undertaken a major program of infrastructure development, particularly in railway transport, that was designed to accommodate close-proximity high density residential development. It also gave a greater focus on land releases to allow the building of low and medium density housing. Additionally, moves to examine the planning and approval process to find ways to streamline the regulatory process were being considered.

The Federal Government had also weighed into the housing affordability and supply issues by providing incentives for Local Government to speed up rezoning and approval processes to meet the demand for housing.

Recognising that the development and construction industry needed to play its part as the actual providers of dwellings, the Housing Supply Association (HSA) was formed by industry representatives.

HSA represents the major providers of housing and those involved in associated specialist services. It is the small, medium and large private developers and service agencies – the end-providers at the grass-roots of the industry – who are ready to work with Government to meet its critical mandate to build housing.

This co-operative approach fills in the vital missing piece in the Government’s mission to address the housing supply crisis.