HSA & Your CSR Strategy

Real Estate is not a socially benign commodity – the planning, positioning and price of our homes impact our physical and mental health in ways no other structure or investment can.

Socially Responsible Property Development (SRPD) is defined as development that effectively recognises the social issues driven by the current economic climate and which seeks to address these issues by incorporating solutions that have long term, measurable positive impacts for individuals and communities. SRPD is increasingly being included in property development Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

With the housing supply crisis at critical levels the Australian property development industry is positioned to have greater input in policy direction and to take greater responsibility for the social outcomes of future development. Not only is this responsible and admirable, but it makes good business sense. The Housing Supply Association (HSA) – the first of its kind in Australia – speaks directly to Corporate Social Responsibility programs within the local housing supply industry.

We encourage our Members to embrace social responsibility within their organisations – to consider the needs of residents when planning residential developments by consulting with government and the community to identify affordable housing targets and work to meet them. More information regarding CSR and how the Housing Supply Association can assist you to integrate Socially Responsible Property Development into your strategy is available here – HSA CSR Policy