Can non-HSA Members attend HSA events?

For most events, yes. Non-HSA Members can purchase tickets to HSA events on our website via our events page. Tickets for non-Members are at a different price point to Members.

When was HSA established?

HSA was established in 2017. For more information about our history, please see here.

What kind of events does HSA put on?

The Housing Supply Association regularly holds events in NSW for both Members and non-Members. Events are targeted at offering opportunities for open discussion and networking between those directly involved in the Housing Industry and key decision makers. Currently, we have 5 event categories: Political Influencers, Industry Insiders, Networking Events, Exclusive Events and courses/workshops.

Is there any way I can advertise to/reach the HSA Member database?

Yes. We offer a number of Sponsorships, Partnerships and advertising opportunities which you can read more about on our website, or you can contact us to obtain a copy of our Opportunities Guide.

I am a Member or wanting to become a Member and have questions about HSA Memberships, where can I find some answers?

We have a dedicated FAQ page about Membership here.

Is the Housing Supply Association active in States/Territories other than NSW?

HSA is a new organisation which has been established in the State of NSW. The association has plans to expand to other areas of Australia, but at this point in time is not officially active outside of NSW. If you would like to be notified when HSA expands to your area, please register here.

How do I give feedback about a HSA event I have attended?

After every event we send out follow up surveys to all attendees. If you did not receive this survey and would like to give feedback, please contact us.

I am having issues booking a ticket for an event, who do I contact?

If you are having any technical issues with our website, please contact us directly on (02) 8377 3951 or at

How does HSA collect opinions from Members in relation to where they want changes to policy direction?

Events are primarily the biggest point of contact HSA uses to collect and collate information/opinions about policy from Members. In addition to this, if HSA is drafting specific submissions it may send out an email survey or use the Member forums to collect Members feedback.

Where can I find a job in the housing industry?

HSA Members have free access to post their job vacancies on our job feed. You can view this job feed to see if there are any positions suitable for you.

I subscribed to your Sydney Home Buyers email database and no longer want to receive emails, how do I opt out?

As per Australian law, at the bottom of every email we send there is an unsubscribe button you can click to opt out from receiving any more emails.

Can I register/pay on the day for HSA events?

No. Registration and payment must be received prior to the event to planning purposes. All registrations must be made via the HSA website.

Do you share/sell data?

No. All our data is stored securely on our Australian-based membership database and contact details are not shared or on-sold. Members’ details are featured on the Member directory which is available to other members however, and some event sponsors may receive a list of attendees to events, but these lists exclude contact information.