HSA Members are organisations that work in or are involved with the Australian Housing Industry. Those who become a HSA Member are committed to addressing the Australian housing supply crisis through constructive dialogue with Government. 


Why become a HSA Member?

HSA Members sign up because they want to see change. They want more opportunities to supply housing to the growing Australian economy and they don’t want to be held back by red tape and bureaucracy. Many HSA Members have felt their voice wasn’t being heard by policy makers and they want to ensure – via their Membership – that they have a say in how to address supply and affordability issues.

Being a HSA Member means your opinion is valued and considered, even if your organisation isn’t considered a major player in the housing industry. It means having the opportunity to speak up and having someone listen. It means being able to put your organisation’s name next to an Association who is working positively with local communities and the government to solve housing issues.

It is through collaboration that these issues can be solved, and that is exactly what HSA Membership will do.


What are the benefits of HSA Membership?

  • Voice in policy direction, no matter what size your organisation is
  • Direct contact opportunities with decision makers via HSA events
  • Networking opportunities with mid-high level proactive Industry players
  • Increased opportunities to provide desirable housing
  • Advertising opportunities to targeted home buyers database
  • Professional development opportunities via workshops and courses
  • Positive brand association – giving community members a reason to trust your organisation’s intentions


Who can become a HSA Member?

Any person representing an organisation who plays a part in the NSW Housing Industry can apply for Membership at this time. This may include developers, financial institutions, government bodies, non-profits and general consultancies like town planners. HSA plans to expand to other Australian States and Territories in the future, please register your interest if you’re interstate here.


How do I apply?

Fill out the application form here.

If you have any more questions about being a HSA Member, please see our Member FAQs or contact us.