The Housing Supply Association currently offers two partnership opportunities, one for Members and one for non-Members.


Courses + Workshops Partnership

The Housing Supply Association aims to help its Members increase growth of the Housing Industry and promote associated organisations in a positive light in the wider community. While growth may largely be achieved at the political level, advancement of knowledge and improved practises at organisational levels, will work hand-in-hand to support and achieve that growth. This is why HSA is proactive about holding courses and workshops, which deliver tangible outcomes, for its Members

Courses and workshops aim to fill identified gaps in knowledge or improve current knowledgebases or practices. Some examples include: public relations basics for projects builders dealing with online reviews, media training for developers dealing with community and media opposition to their developments, or even Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software training for sales consultants who need to learn how to track and manage potential leads.

Courses and workshops are arranged in partnership with external specialists. Partnership costs are negotiated and largely dependent on what knowledge is being shared, expected attendance and venue and logistical costs.

If you are a specialist trainer holding a knowledge you believe would be desired/useful to HSA Members, please contact us.


Organisation Partnership

An Organisation Partner is an organisation who wants HSA to come onboard to promote and support a product or service they offer. Organisation Partners are looking to cooperate and brand build with HSA, by tying their brand to the positive work HSA does and strives to do for the wider community (by attempting to solve the housing supply and affordability issues), not just those in the Housing Industry.

A limited number of Organisation Partnerships are available annually, with each Partner being prominently displayed on the HSA website.

For more information and to access a copy of the HSA Sponsorships, Partnerships and Advertising Opportunities Guide which has more detailed information and prices, please contact us.